Can corporations do good?


People love to hate power. And authority. And organizations they depend on but wish they didn’t have to. It’s important to remember, PR Girls, that you’re battling uphill as you try to build a strong positive reputation for your clients.

However, corporate reputation is at a crossroads of sorts in 2014.  Look at the Edelman Trust Barometer for 2014.  Trust in government is going down while trust in corporations is going up – that’s a first, and a very interesting opportunity for corporate communicators. The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist, a new book written by a BP alumnus, shows us that some people, even those in huge corporations, can do good.  A motivated person with access to deep corporate resources can be a powerful positive force.

There’s nothing better for a corporate reputation than good works.  But one must actually do good to talk about it. Words without action will ultimately undermine a company’s reputation, while action without words won’t do much to help it. It’s our job as communicators to help our clients find the right balance.  And then to help them power through the doubt to tell inspiring stories.

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