Build the balance in your karma bank

source: Howie Choo
source: Howie Choo

As announced last week, my dears, Advice for PR Girls is winding down.  The last post will be next Friday, November 21.  In the meantime, during these last two weeks I’m highlighting some favorite posts from the archive. Here, for your Monday reading pleasure, is a post on the power of building good karma:

Help your colleagues PR Girls.  Be a team player.  Be trustworthy – don’t betray a confidence.  Be supportive – lend a listening ear.  Be helpful – share what you know.  Be available in a pinch if one of your peers is caving under the weight of a last minute deadline.

While this advice could be applied to anyone in any profession (or just in life), it is especially important in high pressure environments like ours, which can become unproductively competitive.

You know that expression ‘the rising tide raises all boats’?  This is true.  If your whole team does great work you look better as a part of that successful team.  You do not look better if your colleagues fail.  In fact, if your colleague fails and you could have helped out, you look worse.

Further, you learn so much more by seeing what success looks like all around you, rather than just the success you personally generate.   More importantly, successful partnering with colleagues is a vital habit to build.  A lone wolf is not a leader.

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