What do clients want? To trust you.

Source: lealtudo.blogspot.com
Source: lealtudo.blogspot.com

In these last two weeks of AFPRG, dears, we are looking back at the archive to the most useful posts.  Today, What do clients want?

Clients are tricky creatures.  And a very necessary part of our business – whether you’re in an agency or not!  If you work at a company, your ‘clients’ are the people who oversee, fund or use the services of communications in your organization.

Your clients may never articulate it, and may not even realize it, but what they want and need is to feel like they’re falling backward into a solidly constructed, high quality, predictably available featherbed of support.  They need to truly trust you and the quality of your work.

Trust is incredibly valuable to your client, who feels relief and joy to have an authentically helpful business relationship (which is rarer than you’d think).  But that trust is even more valuable to you, because once your clients feel it they’ll move mountains to maintain the relationship with you.

So, how do you get clients to trust you?  Yes you must do great work.  That’s necessary but not sufficient.  Clients are a wary lot.  If you show up late to a meeting, miss even a little deadline (like forgetting to deliver an agenda for a call before it starts), lose track of even small things like how much the caterer for the event costs, or if you spell the CEO’s name wrong in an e-mail, these things undermine the foundation you’re trying to build.  Trust, to paraphrase Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is in the details.


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