Do you see?

source: Snellen Eye Chart
source: Snellen Eye Chart

Hi darlings – continuing AFPRG’s trip down memory lane, here’s another favorite post from the archive.

Very little, PR Girls, is as it seems at first blush.  Are you really seeing all that you need to see in order to make the best decisions and give the best counsel?

You may think you see and understand every element that’s in play in a difficult situation.  Odds are, though, that you’re missing or misinterpreting something.  Sometimes this happens because your own biases get in the way, sometimes it’s because people very frequently cloak their objectives and their feelings – especially at work.

For example, an enthusiastic PR Girl may call a client with the great news that she’s finally interested the Wall Street Journal in a profile piece.  This PR Girl is hurt and a little peeved when the client reacts tepidly.  She may think the client is afraid to stick her neck for a big story, or that the client is just lazy.  But perhaps the client knows that the company is about to conclude a major acquisition, so the timing for a WSJ profile right now is all wrong.

Accept that you don’t and can’t see everything.  Eradicating the naïve overconfidence of thinking you see it all is one of the key steps towards building mature, solid judgment.

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