Don’t hit send


Darlings – it’s Thursday! Almost the end of the week! Almost the end of AFPRG, which will wind down next Friday, November 21. As you know, many of my posts are written out of my own (often painful) mistakes. It took me years to learn some of what I extol to you, including this post from the archive:

Pushy colleague driving you crazy? Reporter keeps asking again and again for a CEO interview he’s never going to get?

Sometimes the best response to an annoying e-mail is no response at all.  ‘Don’t dignify that with a response’ is not only great counsel for clients who want to mix it up with any and every tiny meaningless competitor in the press, but also for ourselves.

Our instincts always tell us to communicate. That’s what we do for a living!  We may be dying to write a snarky e-mail that says, “No, I will not pay for all of the travel to the global new business pitch out of my office’s budget and you won’t find any office GM that will!” to a colleague making an unreasonable request. Or “As I’ve said multiple times, our CEO won’t be available to speak with your publication until at least 2017!” to the reporter.  But in both of those cases, silence is a much more effective communications tool.  Send your message by using the delete key.  Less, PR Girls, is more.

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