Not my circus, not my monkey


Happy Friday darlings! Just to keep repeating my key message, AFPRG will post its last post a week from today – November 21.  Instead of an archival post today, let’s all learn my new favorite expression: “Not my circus, not my monkey.”

This absolute genius Polish idiom means “it’s not my problem.”  It’s my new favorite because problems so often are giant circuses, with so many noisy monkeys hopping around grabbing your hair and screeching.  It can be really really hard to ignore a circus and a monkey.

Learning to spot the difference between an issue you must step into and an issue that’s just big and noisy happening near you is a critical skill.  When you can tease out the drama (circus) and the irrational behavior (monkeys) , it’s easier to dispassionately judge a problem.   Once you’re clear about what does and doesn’t belong to you, you can say “not my circus, not my monkey” and get back to managing your own three rings.

Happy Friday PR Girls!


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