What were we thinking?

source: 99healthplus.com
source: 99healthplus.com

Darlings – tomorrow is AFPRG’s last day. This was the second post I ever wrote for AFPRG, so it should be the second to last as well – a love note to our crazy profession and all of its wonderful practitioners!

Your irate CEO just finished a 15 minute rant about this morning’s story in The Guardian that doesn’t include your company.  The European sales VP is freaking out – you could hear him in the background too.  Your boss the CMO is doubtless going to call in about 90 seconds.  It’s 3:30 in the morning.  You flop back onto your pillow and say to yourself for the 7,436th time, “Why the f**k did I choose this ridiculous profession?”

Ah the glamorous field of public relations!  Every year we laugh when we’re once again on the list of the top five most stressful professions.  Oh yes, it’s hilarious.  Why do we stick with a profession that gives us a huge amount of responsibility, a ton of visibility and no control whatsoever?

We do this because we are all a little bit insane.  We do this because the exhilaration of getting a great story about your company or cause on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, or hearing Jim Cramer say words on air that you sent in an e-mail to his producer, or watching the retweets skyrocket – this is a spine-tingling miracle that we PR girls relish like nothing else.  It’s so fantastic that it makes the other 95% of our days bearable.  Ninety-five percent chaos for five per cent pure joy?  An even trade.

We PR Girls will take mountains of torture for minutes of pure, spectacular exhilaration.  A little bit crazy, yes, but we don’t understand working any other way!

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