Thank you PR Girls!


This is AFPRG’s last post, my dears – a big moment! I have two things to say. . .

First – I really love PR Girls. Why?  Because it takes indefatigable optimism, unshakable perseverance, unholy street smarts and spectacular judgment to be a truly successful PR Girl – or boy!  Who else could maintain good cheer, immense competence and a fantastic sense of style in a profession where people who may or may not be reasonable expect miracles from you every single day?

Managing and mentoring dozens (hundreds?) of wonderful young PR professionals was absolutely the best thing in my 30 year career in public relations.  You are wonderful.  You are inspiring. You are magic!

Second – Writing for you five days a week for 18 months really hammered home to me the rare power in communicating well, which helped me identify a fascinating new profession. By being my beloved audience, PR Girls, you gave me a new vision! Thank you!

In two weeks I’ll start the Professional Coaching Course at New Ventures West.  In January I’ll launch a new blog on  I’ll make it easy for you to find.

So, my darlings, I hope your holidays are absolutely wonderful, and that 2015 is a radiant year for us all!  Sending you so much love and gratitude!   Happy Friday!

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