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Culture matters

It’s the middle of what not to do week at AFPRG!  We’re all learning from some of my biggest mistakes.  Today – ignore cultural differences at your peril. As an American running a global PR team in 75 countries I solved problems all over the world all of the time. …


More time zone management

Yesterday we talked about the power of working with global teams.  Today, an even more mundane issue – managing your calendar when you’re on the road. More than once I’ve seen people caught (and been caught myself) in the brain teaser of how to enter meetings in other time zones …


Manage your time zones!

Today’s post is one of those stupendously obvious topics that nonetheless merits some discussion. Time zone consciousness is no longer an optional professional skill. Today many of us work with a team that’s spread across the US or the world. Choosing what time you’ll have meetings (conference call, WebEx, whatever) …


Cashless business travel

It is almost possible now to do a business trip in any city around the world without ever using cash.  Having said that, it’s not entirely possible, so it’s best to be prepared.  This is what the internets are for. . . Some countries (Turkey last time I was there, …

Airplane Landing

Wonderful and hideous

Because my jobs have required a ton of international travel over the years I get a lot of “oh that must be …

Fireworks cluster

Why fulfill the stereotype?

Hi PR Girls – as the 4th of July approaches let’s talk about working with colleagues and clients internationally. Here’s the thing …