Correcting your boss


Is it ever OK to correct your boss in public PR Girls? It depends entirely on the boss, and on which ‘public’ we’re talking about.

Best to err on the side of caution in the beginning – approach your boss after staff meeting either in person or via e-mail and point out her error.  If the boss says, “Why didn’t you say something in the meeting!?” you have your answer. You may proceed to correct your boss in staff meeting going forward. If your boss says, “Oh, thanks” that means you’d better not.

However, just because your boss is fine being corrected in staff meetings doesn’t mean she’s fine being corrected in all meetings – a new client meeting, a meeting with the CEO, etc. Exercise caution and test each situation until you and your boss have worked together long enough that you instinctively know what’s cool.

Everyone has an ego. Everyone has fears. Remember that and you’ll save yourself a lot of angst!


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